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Peter and Brenda Bosworth are pleased to introduce you to Morningside Vineyard and their estate grown and bottled wines.

Our vineyard is located at Latitude 42 45' South in Tasmania between Richmond and Tea Tree northeast of Hobart. The vineyard was the first established in the Tea Tree area. It is planted on northeast facing slopes at an elevation of 100-150m and now covers 3 hectares with average rainfall of 550mm per annum-although we have not seen this amount in the last few years. Soils are doleritic black clays over a calcareous sub layer.

The vineyard consists primarily of Pinot Noir with smaller areas of Cabernet Sauvignon (with some Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot), Riesling and Chardonnay. Vines are planted in European fashion with rows 1.8m apart, vines 1.25m apart in rows, cane pruned, 2X10 bud canes, 2X2 renewal spurs. Vineyard trellis is vertical shoot positioned with some top hedging. Our oldest vines are 28 years old.

All wine is made on site from estate grown fruit and the family does the majority of the vineyard and all the winery work. There is no blending of grapes from other areas or regions and, apart from traditional winemaking techniques, there is no manipulation to increase or decrease colour, flavour or alcohol. Our wines are an expression of our vineyard terroir and the particular vintage. We remain one of only about 12 individual vignerons in Tasmania.

Most of our wine is sold to our loyal mailing list customers and selected restaurants and wine bars.


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